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Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting business in the Middle East and North Africa simplifies the lives of tax and accounting professionals with an integrated suite of solutions designed to streamline global tax and accounting complexity. Our ONESOURCE platform helps you manage your global compliance and risk requirements, from trade management to statutory reporting along with data management and a central document platform.

Through our trusted experts and innovative technology solutions, we empower tax and accounting professionals, corporations, governments, accounting firms, financial institutions, and more, to make informed decisions, increase efficiency, and reduce risk.

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Episode 10: The rising case for tax technology in the gcc

With the introduction of VAT to the GCC in 2018, companies need to start a VAT compliance journey from hiring a tax advisor and mapping the impact of VAT on their businesses through to setting their IT systems to support the incoming VAT compliance process.

Listen now to Stewart Nivison, Head of Indirect Tax for EMEA at Thomson Reuters, discuss how businesses should approach VAT and where technology can help in streamlining their transition to VAT.

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