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Thomson Reuters® ONESOURCE helps organizations consolidate their tax determination and compliance through one single trusted source. No more guesswork or room for errors!

Tax Determination
Compliance and
Global Supply
Chain Management
Data Management
and Analytics

Tax Determination

A pioneer solution in the world of taxation that helps you determine your indirect taxes on the procurement and/or the deliveries end. With the GST on board, tax determination has undergone a paradigm shift that has left many organizations in a state of confusion. ONESOURCE detangles the threads of confusion and brings forth an automated solution that determines your taxes without human assistance.

Compliance and Reporting

With GST comes questions, and with questions comes the answer company. Compliance is what Taxologists strive for every day. ONESOURCE keeps a track of the changing GST legislation and automates the data collection and entry. Ensuring the utmost level of integrity for your data from various different sources, ONESOURCE can assist with simplifying your process and providing reliable reports related to corporate income tax, tax provision, indirect tax, transfer pricing, and statutory reporting, and more.

Global Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is one of the most critical spheres of a business that drives costs and risks. ONESOURCE triggers a proactive supply chain management to support your company’s growth, reduce costs, and lower risk. Our global trade, operational transfer pricing and indirect tax determination applications can automate your processes and give you time to focus on what’s ahead.

Data Management & Analytics

Data is extremely crucial to your tax processes and effective data management is what we make happen. Technology combined with intelligence, ONESOURCE enables you to take ownership of your data so you can meet your deadlines sooner, allowing for more strategic planning and analysis. Our applications manage your trial balance data, as well as standardize your existing tax packages and workpapers with controls, validation and year-over-year data recall.
Moreover, ONESOURCE turns complex data into insights that give you the means to develop a global tax strategy.

Process Management

The complexities of Tax processes demand standardization. With ONESOURCE, you get a centralized location to standardize and streamline your entire taxation process which further empowers you to make quick and smart decisions, maintain accuracy and report with confidence. Our process management applications include workflow & audit management, and benchmarking.


Information is what drives decisions and decisions make or break an organization. Being the glbal leader in taxation and accounting, we equip our Taxologists with the information derived out of our research to help you comprehend complex information, make informed decisions and use knowledge more efficiently. ONESOURCE allows you to access Thomson Reuters Checkpoint on the platform to find answers to the local and international tax issues you need.


To make your investment worthwhile, our services team is dedicated to offer you solutions tailored to your needs. The support doesn’t end there; we help you implement ONESOURCE applications using a phased approach. Furthermore, we help you with design and analysis, implementation, & delivery to ensure you maximize your return on investment.

From Calculation to Compliance, ONESOURCE is the only India GST solution that integrates
with your existing ERP(s) and simplifies GST.

Our Promise

  • Collaborate Globally
  • Integrate between complex ERP system
  • Have better visibility across multi-country operations
  • Achieve greater tax efficiencies
  • Tax automation and innovation
  • Improved tax data & process to generate greater business value

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